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Does the practice of Pilates “burn fat” and make you lose weight?

One of the most common questions among those who practice Pilates or who want to do Pilates is always the same: does it make you lose weight? In general the answer is yes. Pilates makes you lose weight because it is an exercise, but to optimize the weight loss it is also necessary to maintain a healthy and balanced diet.
To lose weight with Pilates you must indeed take fewer calories than you usually do. During the time of exercise it should bring the heart rate, or the number of beats, between 60 and 70% of its maximum frequency. Also you can burn fat even when you do toning exercises at a very high intensity. If you work at an intensity of effort consistently above 60% of its ability, the body will draw and deposit fat as fuel consuming actually the excess fat.
However, when you switch to the advanced level of Pilates workout, you will notice that the exercises can also be aerobic. If your goal is weight loss, then it is a low calorie, healthy and balanced diet, with exercises.