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Who practices Pilates?

If properly planned, Pilates is a discipline for everyone, young or old, athletes or amateurs. According to one’s wellness condition different work protocols apply. They are tailored to the specific needs of someone. It is also recommended for the post-traumatic recovery (after a period of physiotherapy) and is useful to combat joint problems related to the spine. Pilates is also a requirement for pregnant women due to the excellent work linked to the activation of the pelvic floor and support of the spine.
In general:
· Lovers of good physical condition
· Persons subjected to daily stress
· People who want to rebuild the right set of the spine and postural defects
· Older people to regain the elasticity and youthfulness of the body
· Athletes to improve performance and complete the preparation
· Dancers to supplement their usual exercises
· People who choose to train with the use of your personal trainer to get a constant check on the work


I do not feel your abdominal muscles, do I have them?

We all have abdominal muscles but some people have these muscles so weak , that they stop them from feeling their existence. If you concentrate on ab exercises during each session of Pilates and continue to “pull your belly button toward your spine” lowering the ribs whenever you remember in the day, in two weeks you will learn to have more control over your abdominal muscles.


Can one do Pilates at home?

Not only you can, but “you have to” perform Pilates exercises at home to create a continuum with the work done in the studio under the careful supervision of a professional instructor. As with any new activity, even with Pilates, the more you exercise assimilating the guiding principles, the more you exercise the brain, nerves and muscles to establish movement patterns that promote correct posture, alignment and strength of body.
Pilates exercises help to understand the postural habits that stress the spine, make you aware and allow you to automatically maintain the correct position.